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Privacy and Anonymity in Ducnguyen

Abstract: Privacy statement for the web4health web site.

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Privacy and Anonymity in Ducnguyen

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Written by: , professor of computer science.
First version: 22 Jul 2008.
Latest revision: 11 May 2013.

How will Ducnguyen protect the privacy and anonymity of its users?


If you only want to learn about or discuss your own problems or those of your friends or relatives, you can choose to participate in Ducnguyen by pseudonym (keeping your real name secret). Other users must register using their real names.

If you choose to participate with your name, Ducnguyen will give you a password, which you can use so that other people cannot participate using your name. The password is transmitted in encrypted format to ensure your protection.

If you check "Do not show my e-mail address to other users" below, then the e-mail address which you specify will not be shown to other Ducnguyen users. Instead, they will be shown an e-mail address which refers to your account in Ducnguyen.

If you choose to participate by pseudonym, you will be asked to select a secret name, a pseudonym. If you keep this name secret, other users will not know who you are. You will have a password, so that other people cannot participate using your pseudonym.

We will do our utmost to preserve the secrecy of your pseudonym, but we may have to break this secrecy if you write illegal things (like racial agitation), and the police or a court require us to identify you.

If you misuse your account, we may cancel your access to Ducnguyen, but still without identifying who you are. If we have cancelled your account, but you continue to misuse Ducnguyen, then we may have to find out who you really are in order to stop the misuse.

Ducnguyen may be used for research on how people use the Internet to find information. The researchers will, however, never know the real name behind your secret name (pseudonym) without your explicit permission.

Hur Ducnguyen använder cookies

Ducnguyen uses cookies for two purposes:

  1. If you choose to establish an account and log in to our forum system, cookies are used to keep track of your session. You can avoid such cookies by not using our forum system.
  2. We use Google analytics for visitor statistics, and Google analytics uses cookies. These cookies are not used for any other purpose than general visitor statistics (number of visitors per page, etc.).

Advertisements in Ducnguyen

Pages in Ducnguyen usually contain advertisements. These advertisement help to pay for the cost of keeping the web site. Most advertisements are provided by third party ad providers such as Google and Amazon books.

These third-party ad providers may use information (not including your name, address, email address, or telephone number) about your visits to this and other websites in order to provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to you. If you would like more information about this practice and to know your choices about not having this information used by these companies, .

Ducnguyen does not take any responsibility for content or offers or actions of sites providing advertisements in Ducnguyen. Advertisers may retain information about which page in Ducnguyen, where their ad was placed. Advertisers may set cookies to study the behaviour of people clicking on advertisments or links in advertisements. Ducnguyen does not take any responsibility for this.

Ducnguyen cannot help you in conflict with a fradulent advertiser, but tell us if you have problems with such an ad provider, so that we can stop ads from such advertisers in Ducnguyen.

Web4health will try to mark all advertisements with information that this is an advertisements, but we do not promise that such markings will always work.

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