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  Can I overcome my shyness?


 (plain)  Can I overcome my shyness?

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reply Re: Can I overcome my shyness? , Harry Miller , 07 Jan 2017 00:33
plain Can I overcome my shyness? , 6F762EBEFC13B43BD56045EC552392F4 , 24 Dec 2015 22:00
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Can I overcome my shyness?
From: 6F762EBEFC13B43BD56045EC552392F4
Date: Thu, 24 Dec 2015 22:00:34 +0100
Language: English


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I need help about overcoming my shyness and my anti-social nature.
I am the youngest one in my family. I am never been allowed to take part in group discusssions and i think that made me a good listener. but now, i feel that I am losing confidence while sitting in a group because i cannot be a conversation starter and even cannot tell my point of view to others.
What I think remains in my mind and I can't utter a word except a few words. I am really worried and disturbed due to this situation now a days.
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Re: Can I overcome my shyness? (Reply to: 183028 from 6F762EBEFC13B43BD56045EC552392F4 )
From: Harry Miller
Date: Sat, 7 Jan 2017 00:33:46 +0100
Language: English


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Sure you can this is how. next time you in the same situation just get up and say something, it can even be meaningless like "hey listen up, do you know what happened to me yesterday?" It is important to make it happen no one will cross you because they did not get what you wanted to say.

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