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 (plain)  Please help

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happy Re: Please help , so mark , 09 Nov 2011 12:52
plain Please help , 7C5B8FA0DBB2347DB27AAC786F15019D , 07 Nov 2011 16:03
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Please help
From: 7C5B8FA0DBB2347DB27AAC786F15019D
Date: Mon, 7 Nov 2011 16:05:15 +0100
Language: English


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i and my bf had sex yesterday..he was wearing a double condom is there any chances of getting pregnant??please help.
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Re: Please help (Reply to: 166777 from 7C5B8FA0DBB2347DB27AAC786F15019D )
From: so mark
Date: Wed, 9 Nov 2011 12:52:09 +0100
Language: English


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when you finished your sex, did you tried to check if condom was teared up? was it leak?? if not then dont worry, you won't be pregnant and your BF had used two comdoms so so only chances are there if you are sooooo unlucky. so don't worry.

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