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Interactive Health Tool Directory: Health Tools, Health Quiz, Questionnaires, Multimedia Psychoeducation, Courses, CBT Programs online

Abstract: Directory of questionnaires, webcasts and multimedia, interactive health information and online therapy projects for mental health and psychology.

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Interactive Health Tool Directory: Health Tools, Health Quiz, Questionnaires, Multimedia Psychoeducation, Courses, CBT Programs online

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Written by: Martin Winkler
First version: 22 Jul 2008.
Latest revision: 17 Jul 2013.

Where do I find online therapy programs and interactive health tools for my problem?


This is a directory of online therapy programs (cognitive behavioural therapy programs online) or online coaching programs for different psychological problems. Some of these programs are free of any costs, some of them charge a fee to participate.

The list below will never get fully completed. If you know about other similar programs or would like to be included in the list of recent programs please send us mail!


  • : Online assessment tools, therapy tools and a lot of information about ADHD!


  • Screening instrument for Alcohol misuse / addiction
  • Online screening and advice for alcohol problems

Anger management / aggression

Anxiety disorders

  • Anxiety Screening Interview
  • Interactive tutorial how to help someone with a panic attack / hyperventilation
  • : Free Cognitive behavioural therapy program (12 Steps)
  • Free cbt online program (also used by Australian GPs for support of their patients
  • Evaluated cognitive behavioural therapy program including exposure therapy with telephone counseling and online therapy developed by Prof. Isaac Maarks (fee to participate)

Bipolar disorder

  • Looks for signs of bipolar disorder

Brain map

  • Interactive demonstration and map of brain functions
  • Interactive human body project


  • Finds our implicit associations of what is typical for a certain gender, race, etc.


  • Quick Inventory of Depressive Symptomatology Self-Report (QIDS-SR)
  • Interactive Tutorial about Depression
  • interactive information about neurotransmitter and depression
  • Australian cognitive behavioural program for prevention of depression of adolescents
  • 10 Step Manual of cognitive behavioural therapy for depression for free!
  • Very comprehensive program to cope with depression (CBT) for free
  • Tool to compare different antidepressant drugs

Erectile dysfunction / impotence

  • Interactive tutorial about erectile dysfunction

Fatigue see insomnia

Fear of flying

Fibromyalgia / chronic pain

Fitness & Exercise

  • Find appropriate exercise options for your health


Goal setting


  • What kind of headache do you have?

Heart disease/ High blood pressure

Irritable bowel syndroms IBS

  • Interactive tutorial

Medication / Side-effects / Pills / Interactions

  • Tool to get a list of common side effects of a drug
  • Pictures of commonly prescribed medication in the US


  • Interactive Tutorial Medline Plus

Mental Health Screening Tools

Marriage counseling / relationship coaches


  • Healthy nutrition and right choice of your food
  • How many calories are burned?

OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder

Chronic Pain

Panic disorder / Panic attacks (see also anxiety disorder


  • This questionnaire is designed to measure how much of a perfectionist you are

Seasonal affective disorder SAD

Selfesteem / Confidence

  • Online course to improve self-esteem provided by the for free

Sensation seeking (see also ADHD, addiction)

Sexual problems

Sleeping problems see Insomnia

  • Screening instrument for daytime sleepiness
  • Interactive tutorial about sleeping disorders

Smoking / stop smoking

Stop Smoking Center

Free online therapy program and forum for people who want to quit smoking!

Social phobia


Temporo Mandibular Joint Syndrome


  • Interactive tutorial
Note: Some of these programs are commercial programs. We do not have any influence on the quality or content of these programs!

Partner program / Affiliate

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